FederalSolarSolutions.com: Safe & Secure

At FederalSolarSolutions.com, we are committed to protecting your personal information and your privacy when you are using our Web Site. We have put in place business security processes that use secure business practices to keep your data secure. In addition, we also employ the latest in Secure Server encryption technology to protect your information when you use our Web Site.

Page Security on FederalSolarSolutions.com

All of the pages that reside on the FederalSolarSolutions.com Web Site that ask for any personal information are delivered to your web browser through “https” to help ensure web site page security. The “https” protocol is the international standard in secure mode communication that is used on the World Wide Web. The “https” communication protocol is designed to protect your personal data.

FederalSolarSolutions.com Data Encryption

FederalSolarSolutions.com uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology to protect your personal information during transmission over the Internet. The use of SSL Technology protects against interception of data during transmission as well as reviewing of your personal information by others. When you submit your personal information to FederalSolarSolutions.com, we use SSL to encrypt the data you provide to us. SSL technology ensures that only we can decode the encrypted data upon our receiving it following your submission. Any transmissions between FederalSolarSolutions.com and participating affiliate partners are similarly encrypted using SSL Technology to protect your information.

FederalSolarSolutions.com Procedures and Practices

FederalSolarSolutions.com, uses “intrusion detection software” to monitor our Web Site as well as to monitor visitors to FederalSolarSolutions.com to help protect against cyber intrusion or attacks. Additionally, we also use internal business practices and procedures to protect your data within our business. We employ significant restrictions on data access by employees and only those employees who must review information are allowed access. Even then, this access has restrictions placed upon it and is provided on a strict “need to know” basis. Outside of our organization, this information is only made available to an affiliate partner in order to provide products or services requested by you when using FederalSolarSolutions.com.