Rebates and Solar Programs

Solar Rebates and Programs

Published April 19, 2015

From tax credits, to rebates, to special programs, solar has some great deals

Many people wonder if solar rebates and programs are still available. The answer is “yes”… but the truth is that many of the earlier rebates and tax incentives were probably better than the current ones. The reason is that the cost of solar solutions continues to decrease – and there has been an explosion of leasing programs and Power Purchase Agreement programs that have enabled consumers to purchase and install a solar solution for a monthly payment versus having to come out of pocket for the full purchase price. Because of this, the need for incentives has decreased.

There are several reasons why making the switch to solar power is a good decision. If you’re thinking about installing a solar solution, or maybe just would like some information, this article may be able to give you some good direction. » Read more about: Solar Rebates and Programs  «